Terms of use

The use of content and interactive services on websites www.saop.si is permitted. Possible abuse with the help of special software and other abuses are prohibited. Abuse is any act whose purpose or effect is causing harm to SAOP or to any other legal and physical entities. SAOP assess the misuse of data and services on websites www.saop.si in its sole discretion and reserves all rights. SAOP sanctions abuses of websites www.saop.si in its sole discretion. These rules apply to all websites www.saop.si, except for where it isn’t specifically stated.

Privacy Policy

SAOP is committed to protecting your privacy. Most of the information on the website www.saop.si can be collected without having to provide any personal information. Access to protected content and data is enabled to SAOP's employees and business partners via password protected systems. SAOP guarantees that the data collected through websites www.saop.eu are intended solely for the intern use of the company and will not be handed over into the hands of a third party or abused in any way.

Changes to this document

SAOP reserves the right to update the privacy statements without noticing the users of websites www.saop.eu. © 2014 SAOP d.o.o.. All rights reserved.

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