SAOP – reliable business software

About us
SAOP was established in 1987 and was among the first providers of our own ERP business software on Slovenian market.

SAOP employs more than 70 highly classified professionals who work in a positive climate developing business software, support and educate users.

Due to the positive atmosphere that is transmitted to the users, SAOP  won the “Zlata nit 2011” award for the best employer, furthermore we are proud holders of the family-friendly company certificate.

SAOP operates in accordance with values such as trust, efficiency, creativity, partnership, reliability and kindness.

Our products are used by over 30,000 users:

miniMAX is the easiest web accounting software, which can be shared between entrepreneur and accountant.

ERP system iCenter adapts to working processes. The manager gets all important information to reduce costs.

Document management system and e-invoicing inside ERP iCenter.
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